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The Culture Experience
Fashion Show

We represent diversity, culture and unity!

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About The Culture Experience

The Culture Experience Fashion Show is one the first event of its kind in the Hampton Roads area. Step into a world of style and diversity at the 'Culture Experience Fashion Show'! 🌟✨ From jaw-dropping runway showcases to delectable food and a vibrant atmosphere, it's a high-quality experience like no other. Join us as we celebrate fashion, culture, and unity, all while indulging in the finest tastes and soaking in the electric energy. Get ready to be inspired, captivated, and wow'd .

The goal of the Culture Experience is to give all aspiring models from any age, group or gender to showcase their talents, provide opportunities to grow their career and network. From what started out as a small idea to becoming one of the largest known events in the 7 cities, has now become one of the most highly anticipated annual shows in Virginia since VA Fashion week. Consisting of many different designers, multiple vendors, and a vast amount of sponsors; the Culture Experience Fashion show and is one of the only experiences of its kind in the Hampton Roads area. We have children, women, and men walking in this fashion show! There will be lots of entertainment!

One of our most cherished aspects is our commitment to the youth. We welcome children aged 5 and up, with parental consent, to our events. Our goal is to inspire the next generation, exposing them to the opportunities that life holds and nurturing their dreams. Our exclusive relationships span across the regions of Hampton Roads, Atlanta, and New York, allowing us to draw upon a vast network of expertise and resources. These connections contribute significantly to the overall reputation of our events and enable us to curate unforgettable experiences.

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Content Day

We recently organized a captivating Content Day, bringing together an array of talented photographers and models to promote our upcoming fashion show. The day was not only a showcase of creativity but also an incredible celebration of beauty, fashion, and fun.

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For all inquiries regarding designers, vendors, investors, and sponsors, please contact us here. Models please go to our "registration" link in the menu. 

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About The Founders

How it began... 

Mr. and Mrs. Britt, Two spirit lead Christians after God's own heart, established The Culture Experience Fashion Show over one of their routine date nights in 2019. Arlandra Britt is a professional model and real estate agent, and Michael Britt is a well known influencer entrepreneur, and developer. Mr. Britt once told Mrs. Britt that she could create a larger-scale experience other than modeling, and the idea for a fashion show came to her. When the idea struck, they collaborated to come up with a name, plan, and an experience rather than just an event. The event became one of the Virginia's most highly anticipated shows.  This is only one page of their love story that has developed into a yearly inspirational prosperous experience. 

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